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Day 47 - The city of angels

Scritto da Silicon_Simon.
Giovedì 19 Aprile 2012, 06:07 am.


Last week I was in L.A. with Luisa; she attended a three-day conference organized by American Planning Association, a gigantic meeting collecting nearly five thousands people from all over the U.S. We both attended the talking dinner where "Planning Los Angeles" was presented. It was such a pleasant night.

Disney Concert Hall

The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown L.A. by Frank O. Gehry.

Read more and enjoy some pictures...

Did I like L.A.? Well, actually I don't know. City of Angels is a country on its own, a car-based metropolis where a walking tourist can go pretty nowhere. Sure, I enjoyed Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and deprecated Grand Central Market, but they are same aspects of the same place.

Disney Concert Hall

The Walt Disney Concert Hall from the street.

Our hotel was very close to the Walt Disney Concert Hall by Frank O. Gehry. Even if it's been a widely discussed project provoking with contrasting emotions, I was captured by those curves and surfaces. Details are not so well manufactured but they made the whole nine yards in a very evocative way.

Disney Concert Hall

The Walt Disney Concert Hall: detail.


Disney Concert Hall

The Walt Disney Concert Hall very elegant in its surfaces.


Me in Beverly Hills

Me at Rodeo Drive 1/2.


Me in Beverly Hills

Me at Rodeo Drive 2/2.


Staples Center

Staples Center, Nokia Live - Home of L.A. Lakers.


Drones at Staples Center

Microdrones used to film the next Transformers episode.


Transformers set at Staples Center

Transformers set at Staples Center 1/3.


Transformers set at Staples Center

Transformers set at Staples Center 2/3.


Transformers set at Staples Center

Transformers set at Staples Center 3/3.


Piano set at Staples Center

Play it again Sam.






UCLA Police is LEED certified.


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