Day 9 - University of California, Berkeley

Mercoledì 31 Maggio 2006, 00:48

Welcome to the sancta sanctorumof science! The University of California, Berkeley is not only a campus rich of laboratories and halls, is a heaven-like park in which you can breathe the healthy air of knowledge! Some of the most important steps in computer sciences and physics have been made here. And it's possible to feel them even today! As usual, more inside!


UC Berkeley, view from the surrounding hills. Sather Tower to your right.

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Day 7 - Goobye SF... Welcome to Berkeley!

Lunedì 29 Maggio 2006, 05:53

Time to move from San Francisco, renting a car (a huge car of course), and heading to Berkeley, crossing the Bay Bridge! Take a look at the pictures in the following post.

The Golden Gate Bridge
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Day 4 - Things get serious.

Venerdì 26 Maggio 2006, 06:16

Time to visit the SFMOMA, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, designed by Mario Botta. Some interesting exhibitions on view, passing from photos of 1906 SF earthquake to Klee's drawings and highlights of MOMA's Architectural Design collection. By the way, the visual computing of Xefirotharch Design Studio has been the most attractive theme to me. More if you go on reading...


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Day 2 - Zooming your life!

Mercoledì 24 Maggio 2006, 03:36

We landed on a world oversized! Take whatever you know on this planet and double it: welcome in California! More images on the arcticle below.

California Street
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Day 1 - From the other side...

Martedì 23 Maggio 2006, 14:55

After about an eleven hour's flight, we've just arrived in California from London! A very long jump through the Atlantic ocean, passing over the Greenland, the canadian lakes region and the U.S.A. in the end.


Shot of the sky over the Channel, approaching London!


Our Britsh Airways Boeing 747 docking at the Heathrow gate, just before we boarded...


...and finally ladies and gentlemen, the San Francisco International Airport!
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