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Il sogno non muore mai!

Scritto da simon.
Mercoledì 29 Luglio 2009, 6:41 pm.


Dal blog Commodore Today del 27 luglio 2009:

"Redwood Shores, California. Oracle today announced that they would open source the recently acquired AmigaOS. Yesterday, Oracle took possession of the OS. The announcement of the sale to Oracle from Commodore was conducted during a press conference held on Thursday by Commodore CTO, Bill Herd and Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison".

Grazie a Guido per la segnalazione!

"In a press statement, Oracle said that by open sourcing the AmigaOS, they would allow the community of devoted fans to develop and drive the future of the desktop OS. Oracle also admitted that there own reasons for obtaining the AmigaOS were for technologies to integrate into their own Solaris server OS, not to continue development of a desktop OS. Chief among these features being the highly regarded Amiga Multitasking Virtualization (AMV) technology. Oracle is thought to be leveraging this technology to enhance their own xVM virtualization technologies and to increase their share of the lucrative server virtualization market – to better compete against VMWARE and IBM. This technology should also see its way into the open source VirtualBox, Oracle stated.

While this open source strategy is new for Oracle, it is not new for SUN, who was recently acquired by Oracle. SUN open sourced Solaris and the result was Open Solaris. Oracle seems to have assimilated this strategy within their culture and is doing the same for AmigaOS. Online Amiga fan site comments have been mostly positive. After the sale of AmigaOS to Oracle, many Amiga owners wondered about the OS’s future. One commenter, AmigaGuy, on the AmigaTech discussion board left this comment.

“It's about time. Amiga has always been superior to every other operating system on the market. Oracle has done the right thing by allowing it to live and thrive in the open source community. It's just a matter of time before it gets ported to run not only on MOS Technology CPUs but Intel as well. We'll all be building and running AmigaOS by this time next year!” 

 After more than 20 years, it seems that the AmigaOS cannot die".


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