Day 47 - The city of angels

Giovedì 19 Aprile 2012, 06:07

Last week I was in L.A. with Luisa; she attended a three-day conference organized by American Planning Association, a gigantic meeting collecting nearly five thousands people from all over the U.S. We both attended the talking dinner where "Planning Los Angeles" was presented. It was such a pleasant night.

Disney Concert Hall

The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown L.A. by Frank O. Gehry.

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Day 35 - Research keeps goin'

Giovedì 05 Aprile 2012, 21:43

A lot of work to do kept me away from the net last days. After four weeks in Berkeley, it’s time to take stock of the situation and summing up what I have done so far.

Berkeley from Lawrence Hall of Science

UC Berkeley Campus and San Francisco in the background from the Lawrence Hall of Science.


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Day 22 - It's all a matter of abstraction

Giovedì 22 Marzo 2012, 19:06

This has been a very long week at the campus, and it’s not finished yet. Briefing with the “indoor modeling”@EECS guys last Tuesday was illuminating. I think I’m starting to be part of UC Berkeley philosophy in its intimate essence: to look into things deeply and figure how they work out, without preconceptions. Guys are working on amazing themes...


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Day 17 - My personal burger ranking list

Domenica 18 Marzo 2012, 05:36

Ok ok, I promise this (and maybe a couple of others more) is my last "not-so-serious" post. It's all about hamburgers, you know, I'm in the country of hamburgers, how can I be not fond of them.

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Day 10 - Back to Pixar

Domenica 11 Marzo 2012, 20:31

Berkeley Campus is full of people, much more than I noticed previous times I came here. The Campanile plays its bell symphony every day at noon and at night it seems magical. This has been our last week end just before beginning research activities at UC Berkeley. Next tuesday I'll probably have my first talk at EECS, kinda thrilled!

Berkeley at night

Berkeley Campus at night.


Berkeley in the sunlight

We had luck enjoying a lot of sunny days since we came here!

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